Gir National Park

The only location outside of Africa where lions can be viewed in their natural habitat is Gir National Park. With an average length of 2.75 metres and greater tail tassels, elbow tufts, and pronounced belly folds than their African cousins, who have thicker manes, Girian lions are gorgeous creatures. 40 species of animals and 425 species of birds may be found in Gir.

The sole remaining natural home of the well-known Asiatic Lions, as we all know, is Gir. In addition to thousands of other secretive wild animals and difficult-to-find birds, our specially designed Gir Wild Life Tour Package offers you an unmatched opportunity to see those endangered Asiatic Lions. It will guarantee that you travel in luxury and comfort to the highest standards. All of this is additionally priced extremely affordably.

Things to do

Since Gir is the only location where visitors can see Asiatic lions in significant numbers, it draws visitors from all over the world in addition to India. These lions have called this location in Gujarat, close to Talatar Gir, their home since 1965. This location is a must-visit if you enjoy animals and want to see this gorgeous and endangered creature up close. Other than this, there are a few additional things you may do while you’re on vacation here with family or friends; some of the best ones are listed below:

  • Riveting Jungle Safari
  • Shopping
  • Tribal Festivals
  • Scrumptious Food
  • Bird Watching
  • Learn about Conservation of the wild at Crocodile Breeding Centre

Flora and Fauna

A magnificent place for wildlife protection, Gir National Park in Gujarat’s Junagadh district is a real delight for those who enjoy the outdoors and animals. The Gir wilderness’s lush deciduous forests provide a suitable habitat for various different wildlife species, including the renowned Asiatic Lions. There are many different plant species here as well, and the combination of the plants and trees creates the most hospitable topography and natural surroundings for the wildlife to flourish. In other words, Gir National Pak, also known as Sasan Gir, is fortunate to have a very rich biodiversity as well as the factors fostering such a highly abundant biodiversity.

How to reach

If you’ve made up your mind to witness an asiatic lion charging toward your safari vehicle, the following question that pops into your head is how to get there.

By Air: The airport closest to Gir National Park is Keshod. It is located 70 kilometres away. Rajkot Airport, which is 160 kilometres away, is the alternative airport. The best way to get there is to take a flight from Mumbai to Diu. It takes two hours to travel from Diu to Sasan Gir.

Rail: The two closest train stations to the Gir National Prk are Veraval and Junagadh. Another preferred option is to choose the 165 kilometres away Rajkot Railway station. These stations offer trains to all significant cities. For additional transportation, you can use cab services.

By Road: A well-built route connects the National Park to practically all of Gujarat’s main cities. From every part of the state, there are several public and private bus transportation options that take you to the National Park. Additionally easily accessible are taxi and cab services.

Safari Types

The state forest department hosts a safari that lasts around three hours and takes place in the park’s central section. During an open jeep safari, tourists entering the park are escorted by a driver and guide who have been licenced by the forest department. “Sinh Sadan” is where passengers board the safari. At least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the safari, travellers must check in at Sinh Sadan.

There is only one type of safari available in Gir National Park: a jeep safari. Unlike the other national parks of India, there is no canter or elephant safari. When the lions are out hunting, you can see them while on a Jeep Safari in their natural environment. The entire experience of watching the Lions from an open-roof jeep is magnificent. You can take pictures of the Lions while on your Jeep Safari excursion. Dusk and sunrise are the best times to see lions. The Forest Department offers Jeeps and tour operators.

Safari Zones

Devalia Safari Park

Devalia Safari Park

A portion of the Gir wildlife calls this 4.12 sq. km., walled compound its home. You will undoubtedly have the best view of lions in this area. The ar...

Gir Jungle Trail

Gir Jungle Trail

The Forest Department reports that there are 600 Asiatic lions at Gir right now. Imagine spending an entire day with these domesticated animals. Yes, ...

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