Tadoba National Park

One of India’s 47 planned tiger reserves, “Tadoba National Park,” also known as the “Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.” It is notable for being the oldest and largest National Park in Maharashtra. It is roughly 150 miles from Nagpur city and is located in the Chandrapur district of the state of Maharashtra. The Tadoba National Park was established in 1955. It covers the 1,727 sq. km. total area of the tiger reserve. The Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve follows the merger of the park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to Reach?

The distance from Nagpur’s Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport to Tadoba National Park via air is 140 kilometres. Nagpur is reachable by regular flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata. To get to the park from the airport, hire a taxi or cab.

The National Park is located 45 kilometres from Chandrapur Railway Station, making it the closest railhead. The Chandrapur railhead has good connections to Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Jhansi, among other significant cities. From the train station, you can take a taxi or a bus to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Tadoba National Park is located 32 kilometres from Chimur and 45 kilometres from Chandrapur by road. Additionally, it has good road connections to all significant cities.

Flora and Fauna

Approximately 87% of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Tadoba includes of dense woodlands. These are primarily southern tropical dry forests. In this forest, teak and bamboo are the two most common tree species. Ain (crocodile bark), Bija, Dhauda, Hald, Salai, Semal, and Tendu are more trees.

Other widespread species are Beheda, Hirda, Karaya Gum, Mahua Madhuca (crepe myrtle), and Lannea coromandelica. Aside from the keystone species, the Bengal tiger, Tadoba Tiger Reserve is home to other mammals, including: Indian Leopards, Sloth Bears, Gaur, Nilgai, Dhole, Striped Hyena, Small Indian Civet, Jungle Cats, Sambar, Spotted Deer, and Barking Deer. Tadoba National Park is a popular tiger reserve known as “The Land of Tigers.”

Things to Do

Little towns like Wardha, Chandrapur, or Chimur are nearby Tadoba.  You may reach them by car or bus for a tourist excursion. You may explore the rural charms of India’s country sides at nearby hamlets including the villages of Adegaon and Palasgaon. With so much vegetation and species in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, a safari tour would never be enough. Along with the Reserve’s abundance of natural beauty, there are resorts that provide extra adventures.

Here is a list of some activities you might do when touring the Tadoba Tiger Reserve:

  • Day with the Tribes
  • Forest paths
  • Bird Watching
  • Machan Watch
  • Safari
  • Boating
  • Parks and gardens
  • Suresh Chopane Rock Museum
  • Go for a drive
  • Ramdegi

Safari Types

Jeep Safari

The most practical way to drive inside Tadoba National Park if you want to explore its deep jungle is with an Open Jeep Safari. You may go to the centre and buffer tourism zone of the park on a four-wheel open gipsy. Aside from Royal Bengal Tigers and several species of reptiles and mammals, its bio-diversity is exceptional. You will undoubtedly enjoy seeing it. More than 190 species of avifauna and 74 different types of colourful butterflies reside in Tadoba.

Canter Safari

There is room for 22 persons on this global safari at once. This canter, also known as a shared safari, is a large open vehicle with two guides inside. The most affordable safari option in Tadoba National Park is on a canter. You may reserve Moharli gate online well in advance. Canter Safari is only in Moharali Zone in Tadoba National Park. A canter safari is an efficient way to tour the Moharli zone that is both precious and charming. This minivan will drive you deep into the forest and enhance your Tadoba experience.

Safari Zones

Three zones, each with a unique access gate, make up the reserve:

Kolsa Zone

Kolsa Zone

The Kolsa Zone is well-known for its spectacular forest vistas. It is because there are less opportunities to see wild creatures there. Moharli, Pangd...

Tadoba Zone

Tadoba Zone

The Tadoba Zone is well-known for providing travellers with a variety of fauna and beautiful landscapes. Additionally, it has four gates that are loca...

Moharli (Mohurli) Zone

Moharli (Mohurli) Zone

It is well-known for its excellent tiger sightings and for providing tourists with first-rate lodging options. Tadoba Zone and Kolsa Zone are the othe...

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