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One of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India to see wild lions in large populations is Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. It is in the Gujarati district of Junagadh. This park provides a home to the endangered Asian lions as well as many other wild species. It was created on September 18th, 1965 as a Forest Reserve to protect the Asiatic lion. For a greater wildlife experience, one may go on a Jeep Safari in the park. One may see many amazing animals and birds.

Ahmedabad instills in it some picturesque natural beauty and exciting tourist attractions. It is a wide diversity of flora and fauna cultures that are worth exploring. While on vacation in Ahmedabad, you may discover the many types of animals on this site.

It is in Gujarat, close to Talala Gir. It offers refuge to a vast range of animals, birds, and plant species, fostering a healthy ecology for all. People arrange a Gir Tour Package to escape the hurried and fast-paced city lifestyles. Such lifestyles have filled them with nothing but stress as well as to reconnect with their natural surroundings.

However, the completely protected National Park, which spans an area of around 100 square meters, and the Wildlife Sanctuary, which occupies 445 square meters of its land, can erase all of that from the personalized Gir tour package. One of the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary’s crown jewels is the extremely unique but steadily growing number of Asiatic Lions.

About the tour

You may have a closer look at the animal habitat of the area. All thanks to the Gir Tour Package from Ahmedabad! Take advantage of the chance to experience adventure while seeing the vast sanctuary of Sasar Gir. Also, you may wander with a four-day, three-night excursion from Ahmedabad.

See how wild creatures like the Pygmy woodpecker, Indian gazelles, etc. live in harmony in their native environment form. Also, you may catch views of the majestic Asiatic lions. Additionally, you may pleasure in the convenience of hotel round-trip services that pick you up in Ahmedabad.

We at Eagle Safaris will make your wildlife Gir tour package the best one possible.

Take benefit of our 3-night, 4-day Ahmedabad Gir National Park Weekend Tour. You’ll get the chance to take some of the most gorgeous photos ever of the Gir National Park. On this trip, you will also stop at Uperkot Fort on the route from Dwarka back to Ahmedabad.

Overview of Itinerary

Day 1

We will reach and will go to Sasan Gir. Check-in at the wildlife resort when you arrive. Eat dinner and lunch at the hotel.

One of the well-known national parks for wildlife is Sasan Gir, which is home to many Asiatic lions. Additionally, it provides a home for many other smaller creatures and birds. The Indian Deer, Sambar, Chital (spotted deer), Nilgai (blue bull), Chinkara, the Chowsingha (four-horned antelope), the bear, and the long-tailed Langur. These are some of the other predators in the park.

Day 2

In the morning, we will go to the Gir National Park to observe wildlife. In the afternoon, we’ll return to the national park for a second look. Three wildlife safaris happen in the sanctuary each day. The first two are planned for the morning and the third for the late afternoon.

The semi-arid western region of India is home to the dry, deciduous Gir National Park forest. The landscape is about a series of rocky ridges, solitary hills, steep ravines, plateaus, and valleys. Vast grassland areas spread around.

In addition to the animals, the park is home to a sizable population of some species. These include marsh crocodiles, or muggers, one of the sanctuary’s 40 known species of reptiles and amphibians. With a list of more than 250 species, Gir National Park is also a bird watcher’s heaven.

Day 3

Visit the Dwarka Beach. Dwarka Beach is a sea beach in Dwarka, Gujarat. It is 1 km from Dwarkadhish Temple and 4 km from Dwarka Railway Station. Undoubtedly, one of the well-known beaches in Gujarat. Don’t question, it is also one of the well-known Dwarka tourist destinations along the Arabian Coast.

This beach, well-known for its turquoise seas and white sand, is worth seeing. During a journey to Dwarka, it is the ideal spot to unwind. You can enjoy a refreshing respite from the rush of city life. Numerous temples are located near this coastline. The Dwarka Beach is tidy and clean, offering visitors and pilgrims a tranquil setting. In these, you can relax and spend your nights. Come back to your hotel.

Day 4

We will leave for Ahmedabad after breakfast. We will make a pit break in Junagadh on the way to see the Uperkot fort. It is one of the historic forts by Chandra Gupta. Numerous times, the fort has been expanded and restored. We’ll keep driving till we reach Ahmedabad. When we get to Ahmedabad, we will drop you off where you want to be.



Visit Gir National Park, the only location outside of Africa where you will find wild lions.

Jeep Safari, enjoy Uperkot Fort. The upper citadel, also known as Uparkot, is the oldest section of Junagadh. And it is the focal point of any visit to the city.

Walls that are more than 2300 years old and, in some parts, 20 meters high.

Explore wildlife in a national park and see animals in an uncaged world

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SpriteSet Out on an Exciting Adventure

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